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Conformity assessment

by Luis Mussio, BIML last modified 2014-02-05 22:36

TC 3/SC 5 is responsible for the revision of the following Publications:

  • OIML B 3: OIML Certificate System for Measuring Instruments (project p7);
  • OIML B 10-1: Framework for a Mutual Acceptance Arrangement on OIML Type Evaluations (MAA) (project p8);
  • OIML B 10-2: Checklists for Issuing Authorities and Testing Laboratories carrying out OIML Type Evaluations (project p8);
  • OIML D 30: Guide for the application of ISO/IEC 17025 to the assessment of Testing Laboratories involved in legal metrology (project p12)


In addition, TC 3/SC 5 is responsible for drawing up a Document on the expression of uncertainty in measurement in legal metrology applications (project p2).




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