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Revision of OIML D 1

by Jean-François Magaña last modified 2014-02-05 22:31


The 13th OIML Conference adopted the following resolution:

Resolution no. 4b
In order to better assist developing countries, the Conference considered it desirable that Publication D 1 Elements for a law on metrology be revised to take account of the latest developments in world trade, such as conformity assessment, certification and globalization. The Conference instructed the Committee to start a revision of Publication D 1.

A circular (BIML 08 N° 513/JFM of 17 November 2008) was sent to all CIML Members and OIML Corresponding Members to ask them feedback about the eventual use of D 1 in preparing or revising their national law on metrology. The deadline for receiving this feedback at the BIML was set at 31/12/2008.

This workgroup has then been set up to be used within TC 3 for this work project. As it was the case for the development of D 1 in 2003, this work shall be carried out in close cooperation with the BIPM, ILAC/IAF and UNIDO.



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