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by Jean-François Magaña last modified 2010-07-20 14:03


A number of Regional Organizations have activities in support of legal metrology;

  • some of these Organizations are dedicated to legal metrology and their members are representatives of the legal metrology authorities of their participating countries,
  • some Organizations are Metrology Organizations, composed of representatives of scientific metrology, but nevertheless have activities pertaining to legal metrology,
  • other cases may occur, where scientific and legal metrology are both represented in an Organization, or where Regional Organizations of a regulatory nature may address legal metrology issues.

All these Organizations contribute to the development of legal metrology and are of utmost interest for the OIML, as they complement the work of the OIML. It has been considered that the OIML should have a quite active relation with these Organizations and should:

  • provide information to the public on these Regional Organizations and on their work,
  • support these Organizations in the promotion of legal metrology,
  • provide mutual information between these Organizations about their respective ongoing work and about the opportunities to develop common projects,
  • promote consistency between the work of these Organizations, and consistency with the OIML work.

This is the purpose of this workgroup. Its content will mostly be updated directly by the Organizations themselves. It will include information on:

  • the existing publications,
  • the publications under development,
  • the studies in progress or planned.

Training activities are addressed in the "training" tab above.

This workgroup also includes a forum, where Regional Organizations may mutually consult on any issue, and shall include appropriate facilities for inquiries carried out in common by several Regional Organizations.


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