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by Jean-François Magaña last modified 2007-11-20 14:54

How to navigate around the OIML workgroup pages

General presentation of this workspace

This workspace provides customized access to various web pages, files, news and discussion threads. Once you have obtained a login and a password from the BIML, you may apply for access to the various groups.

These groups are displayed in the menu bar located just beneath the OIML logo (Home, Presidential Council, Developing Countries, etc.), and may also be accessed via the vertical "navigation" menu to the left of this screen.

Wilst the pages of this workspace are in English, most of the commands may alternatively be displayed in the language of your choice, which you should select via your browser's options.

Navigating around the workspace

The navigation portlet, on the left of the screen, shows, according to the access rights that you have been individually granted, the folders that you may access and, in the folder where you are, the subfolders and files that you may access.

To vizualize all of the folders you have access to, click on the word "navigation" and the site plan will be displayed.

Click on the individual item you wish to see to display it. When you open a folder, the navigation portlet expands the folder contents to show the items in the folder that you are authorized to access. You may only vizualize those topics for which your login is valid.

Each page indicates its author and the date of its last modification. If you click on the author's name, a form will be displayed, by means of which (if you are logged in) you may send a message to the author.

Contents and utilization of the Technical Committees workspace

Under the menu "Technical Committees", this workspace contains one folder for each Working Group or TC/SC. Two groups of rights have been defined for each folder:

  • P-Members, who are the P-Members of the TC/SC, and who have access to all functions including voting; and
  • O-Members, who are the O-Members and Liaisons of the TC/SC, and who have access to all functions except voting, but including sending comments and participating in the discussion threads.

In each TC/SC folder, in addition to the home page, there are generally:

  • if necessary an additional page for the Terms of Reference of the TC/SC;
  • a "News" folder; and
  • one subfolder for each work project, each working project containing:
    • an "Archives" folder,
    • a subfolder "Working Documents and discussion threads", and
    • if applicable, a folder "Votes and Comments".

Working Documents and discussion threads

Opening the "Working Documents" subfolder displays the list of working documents related to the concerned work project and, if applicable, a list of pages provided by the Secretariat in order to discuss specific items.

By clicking on a working document, the page displays:

  • a link to download the working document; and
  • if applicable, a button "add comment" which allows an informal discussion on this working document.

Such a discussion is informal in the sense that the Secretariat will not systematically make a summary of these comments and give official responses. The formal consultation of the TC/SC Members will be done using the "Votes and Comments" folder. However, this kind of discussion thread may allow Members to exchange ideas and comments. Each P- and O-Member may add a comment or reply to an existing comment; please note that all comments and replies are visible by all P and O-Members.

Using the discussion threads is quite simple - please follow the instructions on the pages concerned. However, it should be noted that comments added in the discussion threads may only be in "text" format. It is not possible to use special fonts, colors, italics, bold characters or any of the formatting that are usually in word processing software. If formatting is necessary, comments should be sent by uploading a MSWord file, but this may be done only in the "Votes and Comments" folder.

Votes and Comments

The "Votes and Comments" folder allows P-Members of a TC/SC to vote and to upload a comments file, and allows O-Members to only upload a comments file (without being authorized to vote). This folder will be displayed up to the voting deadline. After this deadline, this folder will be withdrawn so that the Secretariat may process the vote results.

Opening this folder will display:

  • a template for comments;
  • for each P-Member, his or her own voting form; and
  • comments files uploaded by P and O-Members.


P-Members have access to their personal voting page, called "[Country] vote". Opening this voting page displays the vote (to be entered) and comments accompanying the vote, which should especially be entered if the vote is "No". A comment may just consist in mentioning a comments file uploaded as described in the following section.

To vote, click on "edit" on the personal voting page. Scroll down the page and modify the "body text" frame as follows:

  • Replace the line of text under "Vote" by "Yes", "No" or "Abstain";
  • if you wish to add a comment, add it in place of the line of text under "Comments"; then
  • scroll down and click on "save".

It is not necessary to modify the options under "Allow discussion..."

Your vote will now be displayed in "view" mode. If a separate comment file has already been prepared, it is possible to upload it at this stage, using the link "add to folder" (see below). We insist that comments files must be uploaded using the template provided on this site.

Using the template and uploading a comments file
  • P and O-Members are kindly requested to download the template (Microsoft Word format), to save it on their computer, and to rename the file in order to give it a personal file name.
  • Comments shall then be written in this format, which shall be saved locally.
  • Members shall then go to the "Votes and Comments" folder and click on the "add file" link in the green bar above the title "Votes and Comments". This will open a form, where a title shall be typed (for example "Comments by [country]") and where the local file to be uploaded shall be selected using the "browse" button. To upload the file, click on "save" at the bottom of this form.

Members can send several comments files, repeating the above procedure.

Members can also make their comments files "private", which means that they are visible only by themselves and the TC/SC Secretariat. To do this, please proceed as follows:

  • in the folder "Votes and Comments", click on the file to make private;
  • in the new page, click on "state --> make private".

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