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OIML Recommendations adapted to regional needs

by Eberhard Seiler last modified 2009-04-24 10:53

The regional legal metrology organization SADCMEL of the Southern African Development Community has developed five documents for mechanical balances, volume measures and prepackages based on OIML Recommendations and adapted as regional references for legal metrology activities

Dear Reader,

It is a pleasure for me to inform you about the publication of documents developed by members of SADCMEL, the Legal Metrology Organization of the Southern African Development Community. These documents concern counter scales, beam scales, liquid measuring devices as well as labeling and tolerance requirements of prepackages. They were drafted to give effect to the SADCMEL aim of harmonizing technical regulations within the region in order to eliminate technical barriers to trade. The documents on weighing instruments and prepackages are based on the relevant OIML Recommendations 76, 79 and 87. Since mechanical weighing instruments are widely used in the region, it makes sense to have specific documents facilitating their metrological control. This is one reason why the documents may be of interest to other legal metrological services. I am therefore thankful to SADCMEL, specifically to Mr. Stuart Carstens and Mr. Brian Beard, for accepting my proposal to make the results of their work accessible to others. You can find the documents by visiting:

Other regional legal metrology organizations have also prepared very useful documents. You will find their web addresses on the above site.

Kind regards,

Eberhard Seiler


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