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Results from Jordan

by Eberhard Seiler last modified 2008-03-05 10:59

Examples of products not in compliance with OIML Recommendation 87 are given.

Results of checks carried out on prepackages in supermarkets in Jordan

These checks were carried out by the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology in 2007. Jordan adopted the OIML R87 as a technical regulation in July 2005. The actual implementation of this regulation started in 2007. Checking of prepackages in Jordan carried out by taking samples from the products available in the market, which we think that they are exceeding double the negative allowable tolerance (2 T1) by a considerable values, usually more that 3 times the negative allowable tolerance (10 T1). Since the samples checked were taken from the shelves of supermarkets the lot sizes were usually much smaller than mentioned in the OIML Recommendation No. 87. The test method mentioned there could not be applied for obvious reasons. Presented here are the mean values Qn and the number of packages with contents Q less than two times the tolerable negative error T2. These simplified checks give a first impression about the correct filling of prepackages. They are the first activities for ensuring consumer protection and fair trade with regard to prepackages. The following table contains an overview of results obtained during checks on products randomly chosen.

Product Sample Size Nominal Value Qn Mean Value T1 Q<Qn-T2
Insect killer 50 300 mL 190 mL 9 mL All
Paint Spray 20 300/400 mL up to 150 mL less than Qn 9/12 mL All
Paint Spray 20 400 mL 200 mL 12 mL All
Adhesion material 3 500 g 440 g 15 g All
Adhesion material 5 not mentioned -50% of full capacity --- All
Sweets cans 30 0.5-2 kg 100 to 350 g less than Qn 7.5-60 g All
Olive oil 10 2.7 L 1.8 L 0.15 L All
Olive oil 5 1 L 950 mL 15 mL All
Polishing spray 3 250 mL 200 mL 9 mL All
Mounting tape 3 5 m 3 m 0 m All
correction pen 10 not mentioned 60%-90% less than full capacity --- All
Facial tissues 3 200x180 mm2
100 pieces
185x180 mm2
92 pieces
0.001m2, 1 piece All
Silicon tubes 20 not mentioned -20% of full capacity --- All
Cheese 20 not mentioned 240+-80 g --- All
Black honey 15 from 500-1000 g 7% to 15% less Qn 15 g All


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