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Results from Peru

by Eberhard Seiler last modified 2008-02-14 17:26

Checks of prepackages in Lima, Peru, are given.

Results of checks carried out on prepackages in Lima, Peru. Items not in compliance with OIML Recommendation 87 are listed.

Checks of prepackages in Lima, Peru

These checks were carried out on the initiative of the Head of the Sevicio Nacional de Metrología, Jose Dajes Castro, of the Instituto Nacional de Defensa dela Competencial y de la Protección de la Propiedad  Intelectual ( indecopi) in  a supermarket in Lima, Peru. Since the samples were taken from the shelves a number of 10 was chosen as lot size N.  Presented here are the mean values Qm and the number of packages with contents Q less than two times the tolerable negative error T (T2 error). The tolerable deficiency T (tolerable negative error) as given in the OIML 87 is also indicated. Out of 12 different samples only 5 were in compliance with the OIML requirements. The results of the non-complying samples are given below. Qn: Nominal value.









 1000 g  

  992,8 g       

15 g     




   200 g

  198.6 g

  9 g




  946 ml

  939.2 ml

15 ml




 1000 g

  1007. 3 g

15 g




  250 g

  248.7 g

  9 g





  2922 g

45 g




   350 ml

    343.7 ml

10.5 ml



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