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OIML Workgroups

by Superuser last modified 2015-11-30 12:27


This site hosts web-based groups for various specific OIML structures.


What is displayed in the "navigation" frame (on the left of this screen) are those elements that you may access, according to the access rights granted to you by the managers of the different groups.


The home pages are public, as well as a certain number of other pages and documents, which means that you can access them without a login or password. To gain access to the other pages and items of the groups, you will require:

  • a login and a password, which will be created for you by the BIML (please send us an e-mail to request this); and
  • to be granted access by the manager of each group you apply to be a member of.



By default, CIML Members have been registered as members of all those groups in which their country is a Member. CIML Members' logins are their last name, and their passwords are the same as those used for their personal Member's page on the main OIML web site.


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